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who we are


QNT Creatives is a young, independent boutique agency that is meant to remain small, because we do not believe that bigger is always better. Our services are designed to answer your specific needs. We always gather a tailored team of experts to bring inspiring, creative and custom-made solutions. We have a clear and transparent workflow process with our individual methods which merged together, create a completely bespoke project. At QNT, we help you grow.





what we do

We define what’s next so you can make smarter decisions today. We decode the future to provide the best view on tomorrow. We observe the most emerging lifestyle and cultural movements and then translate consumer trends into strategies, inspiring creative concepts and ideas. This process and transformation is very important for every brand. It’s not only designers who benefit from creativity and innovation.

how we do it

First, we look deeply into your brand and determine the story that is currently being told, to whom and where – where the brand has come from? Where you’d like the brand to go? How the new brand message will impact consumer behavior? We identify the areas that can amplify or stimulate further movement. .
Based on the conclusions from the evaluation, we translate custom trends into strategies, concepts and ideas, both innovative and actionable. We call this creative process and transformation the QNT WAY.






why trust us

We live in an era, where information is more valuable than ever before. Today changes happen extremely quickly. You need to be ready for tomorrow, think about your clients and understand them as real people not just data points. What do they want to do? What do they need to do? What do they wish was possible? What does you brand tell them about your company? In this era brands need support with choosing the right direction. Which changes need special attention? Which trends to choose to communicate with clients?

When brands are looking for direction and inspiration, most of them explore only their own category. This is why we have hundreds of similar products and services on the market. They forget about their clients. People use multiple categories simultaneously, not only one – yours. When they like something from one category, they will transfer solutions from one to the other. That is why, a broader perspective is so important.

Our real goal is to help our clients find and tap into new energy for their brands in future. Energy that fuels growth, shapes brand and takes it to the next level, powers big ideas and brings new life into the relationship between the brand and consumers.


Our team is a fusion of different business and cultural backgrounds which gives the most astonishing results.  Accordingly, from one project to the other, the team member participation may be different. Except for the core: Monika & Anna






Fashion Designer, Art Director, Illustrator. Creative Thinker.

Founder & CEO of QNT. Our creative force who sets the tone for the strategies that we bring to life.

Monika is a successful art director with over 10 years of experience in designing & development for the fashion and beauty industries. Over the years, she was granted several awards for excellence in fashion design. She graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz and Stanislaw Moniuszko Music School in Piano Faculty.

Passionate about art, creating things and bringing new ideas to life, Monika is a business strategist and inspiring leader for teams that drive brand success. She is a big fan and proponent of design thinking and uses this method to solve creatively every-day problems and deal with challeges during designing processes.

” I really do love it all. Being an art director requires so many skills that you never get bored. I am very lucky to do what I love. I adore telling stories, I’m fascinated with what moves or grabs people’s attention. The most rewarding moment in my work is when the clients and their audiences feel the emotions I wanted them to feel. Emotions I designed.”

An artist in every possible way, painter, illustrator, designer and musician. Creativity addict, with whom even every day morning coffee turns into a little piece of art.


Marketer, Growth Hacker, surfer. Creative Thinker

At QNT since 2016 as strategic partner & COO. Her analytical mind optimizes our strategies to find the most efficient ways to grow your business.

Anna is an economics graduate with experience in many different environments such as international corporations, SMEs, start-ups as well as NGOs and scientific institutions. For the last 5 years specializing in project management and marketing of e-commerce and IT projects. Author of several related articles and speaker at various start-up events. A Warsaw University graduate, master in International Economics.

Passionate about new technologies and always hungry for new challenges, Anna is in her element in dynamic and constantly changing environments. She simply loves combining her analytical skills with creative thinking which usually brings innovative and out of the box solutions.

“I feel a constant need for development in every walk of life. Standing still is going backwards and so I’m always on the lookout for improvement and new possibilites. I believe that you can be only good in something that you really love doing and that is why I’m here, combining my work with passion.”

Forever restless and allergic to routine. Adrenaline addict, surfer, kite & snowboarder, photographer, traveller and blogger.

our offer

+consulting +branding +content +strategy +optimization

We provide personalized, tailor-made services across all stages of brand development, to deliver a unique solution for your every need. At QNT we will help your brand take the first step as well as achieve other, even the boldest goals.


+ fashion + beauty + cosmetics + fitness + wellness + furniture + sports & sportswear + outdoor + food & drink + lifestyle + travel + everything that you would like to connect with these slogans

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Monika Jankowska 
Art Director / CEO
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Growth Hacker / COO

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